5-Year-Old Boy Patrols the Neighborhood with a Unique Partner

They are the perfect team!

Five-year-old Oliver Davis from Kansas loves helping out his community. He spends his free time patrolling the neighborhood and spreading kindness, while dressed in his mini police uniform and riding on his kid motorcycle. Davis visits nursing homes in the area and gives out flowers and lots of hugs! He brings a smile to the people who need it most.

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But now he isn’t the only one patrolling the neighborhood. He has a canine partner, Ruby, as his adorable sidekick. Ruby is a four-month-old soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, who enjoys hanging out with his new best friend, and even getting some licks of ice cream for being such a great partner!

Davis’ love of law enforcement began at a young age. The Leawood Police Department knew his passion for it and even made him an honorary officer! He got to train with real police officers, and now he’s taking what he learned and is training Ruby!

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