Hero Vet Transforms “Unadoptable” Shelter Animals Into Beloved Pets

Dr. Matt Carriker and his fantastic Vet Ranch team know all too well the risks that stray animals encounter. They’re not only vulnerable to sickness or injuries on the street; over 50% of shelter pets are being put to sleep before they find their furever homes.

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Brought up by an old-school vet who selflessly gave his services to animals who were very much in need, Dr. Matt was surprised when he found out exactly how many cats and dogs have been dying in shelters.


A great number of these pets are regarded as difficult to adopt or even unadoptable due to medical conditions such as skin problems, oral conditions and physical difficulties. Dr. Matt knew that if he could just have the resources to clean them up a little bit, he could possibly get them into furever homes. He shared this with the High Plains Journal:

“Every vet has taken a handful of animals under their wing and completed surgeries or treatments for free just because they want to help, but we can’t do that every time. We can’t afford it. We have families to feed and bills to pay.”


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As a veterinary student at Texas A&M, Dr. Matt had launched his own YouTube channel called Demolition Ranch, which is focused on gun safety. It turned out to be an instant success, and currently has over two million subscribers.

This got him thinking: if a channel on the subject of guns could gain so much attention, what could one dedicated to saving cats and dogs accomplish? Driven by that question, Vet Ranch was created.


Dr. Matt’s mission is to take pets who need veterinary care from shelters and rescues, nurse them back to health, and then find them their loving furever homes. With a slogan like “We’re Gonna Fix ‘Em All!” it’s obvious that he’s an incurable optimist. Fortunately for the animals he campaigns for, he is also very charming, truly likable and very good at his job!

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Over 776 000 people now subscribe to Vet Ranch’s YouTube channel, tuning in to see the miracles that Dr. Matt and his co-workers carry out every single day. Some of the inspiring success stories involve three-legged dogs, pregnant mom cats, horses with dental problems and homeless hedgehogs.


Other than giving support by watching the videos, the public has seemingly accepted Dr. Matt’s vision wholeheartedly. They have made it possible for him to rescue “as many animals as he wants” thanks to the generous donations sent from all over the globe. His dream is to one day have the ability work entirely on rescuing abandoned pets.

“The way I see it is any vet can vaccinate a dog. If I don’t vaccinate a dog, the owner will drive them to another vet clinic and they’ll give them vaccines, but not just any vet can fix homeless dogs because they don’t have the funds to do it. If I’m not there to fix a homeless dog, it might not get fixed and it might get euthanized instead. I think I can serve a better purpose doing this.”

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For the time being, however, Dr. Matt and his three Vet Ranch co-workers hold full-time jobs as Texas vets and commit up to 30 extra hours each week to taking care of homeless pets in need.

Vet Ranch is a 100% non-profit effort that was founded because folks like the Vet Ranch docs and their donors care enough to fight for the lives of the many innocent animals out there.

Follow their remarkable rescue efforts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, please consider donating to their cause by visiting this link.


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