Dog Demands Dip With His Chip

This dog is a picky eater. He knows what he likes and he is NOT willing to settle for anything less. When asked, “Do you want a chip?” he says it all with his eyes – NO. It’s loud and clear in just a glance. No, he doesn’t want a plain chip. He wants queso.

There’s no hesitation when the chip comes back covered in gooey, cheesy goodness. He’ll crunch his chip happily, so long as it’s hidden under a puddle of cheese! But don’t you try to give him a plain chip. You know why he’s here. CHEESE, please! He’d probably like it better without the chip, but he’s willing to compromise!

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Who doesn’t love cheese? What’s a chip without queso? This dog knows – it’s only half a snack and he’s not having it!


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