Loyal Dog Protects Family from Roomba

There’s just something about vacuums that dogs have always found suspect. But the dogs are finally fighting back – and it looks like Shasta is leading the way.

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This Roomba was just going about its business, tidying the floor the way it’s meant to, but Shasta wasn’t in the mood for it. Not today. Although the robot had tricked her humans into letting it in their home, Shasta could see through its clever disguise. She knew the Roomba’s weakness, and was using it against the seemingly defenseless bot.

Nice try, robot!

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In the future, when Skynet goes online and the robot uprising comes, we can count on man’s best friend to protect us the way they always have – even against the bots. They have what it takes to bring down evil technology, and what it takes is apparently cute, wet noses.

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